Your Capacity to Change the World & Access Bars

Guest Blog Post by Christel Crawford, Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator

When last I left Goderich, I was hauling a sectional couch & a beautiful road bike behind me.

My husband and I had split, and for what we had decided he owed me, we had settled on the couch and bike.

It had been an amicable split…. kind. A let’s-be-kind-to-each-other-and-just-say-goodbye split…. at least for me.

There were days after I left when I had to pry myself off the bed to do something – anything – other than cry.

And yet we continued with the plan. Split.

I pulled myself together. Continued my day job. And a few months later found Access Consciousness.


This last two years has been a whirlwind journey for me. And for everyone who has been a part of it. It hasn’t been ‘smooth’. Or without its casualties. Relationships have changed. Ended. Ebbed. Flowed.

But today — I facilitated my first Access Bars class in Goderich since I left. My friendĀ said yes to creating it with me.

There were 10 amazing people there. And an eleventh that in a million years I never thought would be.

The big one. The “ex-husband”. The one I haven’t seen since we broke up.

He. Was there. Being him. The supportive, kind presence he always had been.

And we all did Bars. And he did what he does and supported and facilitated ease with everyone.

And for the first time — I was able to receive what he had always been. And for the first time, I was all of me.

We laughed. And said “what the fuck” and laughed some more. I ran his Bars. And showed him how to run them on someone else. And at the end, shared with everyone how hard our relationship had been without these tools. And laughed some more.


Not every man has the dubitable privilege of having an ex like me who is so verbal about her story. šŸ™‚Ā It’s gotta be more than ‘weird’.

There have had to be a myriad of WTF moments, mixed in with a bunch of other things I can only guess at.

But I had the honor of facilitating a class today. Watching 11 amazing people learn a body process that creates more ease in a body than I’ve ever seen anything create.

Everyone shifted. And lightened.

And driving home, with grateful tears leaping from my eyes, I really got that even though I was the facilitator, the life that was changed today was undoubtedly mine.


You know what I’m starting to get?

The more I’m willing to be in allowance of ME…. the more I’m willing to gift myself with the tools of “interesting point of view I have this point of view“…. and “who does this belong to“….. and pod-n-poc that point of view….

…the more I create myself. Be myself. Am the space of allowance… and kindness… and gratitude…. that truly allows anything to be possible.


Today, magic was possible.
Today, kindness was king.
Today, gratitude and laughter permeated our space.

And today I got that with the tools I have been using, I had created the space to finally receive it.


Never doubt that your ability to receive what other people desire to gift you is your capacity to change the world.

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