Unhappiness Un-created!

When I took my first Bars class, I was in a pickle! I had worked hard and built a healing practice that I loved. I had gotten my son through his childhood and into adulthood. Basically my life was pretty joyous, except for one arena. I was miserable in my marriage.

My husband was prominent in our community, admired by everyone, he was (is) a strategic wunderkind who helped our community develop into an envious place to live. He was also significantly mentally and emotionally toxic to me, withholding, unappreciative to a fault, and manipulative.

I kept trying to make things work out.

I wanted to leave, but I was terribly afraid, for myself and for my beloved business. Then, at the third prompting of a friend, I went to that first Access class. The tools I received that day of being in question, making demand for change, and more, helped me to finally acknowledge that his anger and conscious refusal to appreciate me did NOT belong to me.

It gave me the potency I needed to plan and execute my departure. AND miraculously, continuing to ask for and invite peace and ease in dissolving our union, I have so far been able to make my way forward without the repercussions I feared.

Now I am in a comfortable home, surrounded by loving friends and family, with my thriving practice, helping others to move forward to create lives that bring THEM the same kinds of joy! How does it get better than this??

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