Skin Sensitivities Gone!

I have always had extremely sensitive skin. I had my ears pierced when I was 15 and was never really able to wear earrings because my skin was allergic to metal. Over the years I would try to put earrings in my ears and they would instantly turn bright red and burn and itch no matter if the earrings were made of precious metals or not. The reaction became more and more severe as the years went on.

After doing a 3 day Body Process class, I was drawn to try earrings one more time. To my surprise I had absolutely no reaction and have delighted in being able to wear earrings everyday since. This is a miracle to me.

I also always reacted to hair dye. After dying my hair, my scalp would be very red and itchy for several days. By utilizing some tools I learned in Access, I was able to run a process on the hair dye prior to dying my hair, and I now no longer have any reaction.

These things may not have been life threatening conditions, but they did affect my quality of life and now I have so much more happiness and ease in it. The big realization here is that my entire body chemistry had to change for me to no longer react to metals and hair dye.

Thank you Access!

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