Money Loves Joy, Not Judgement!

A few years ago, one ‘stupid’ choice created the loss of my house and a whole lot of debt. I made myself so so so wrong and while I was doing that, my money flows went nowhere except backwards. At a Level 2 & 3 class I had a blinding flash of the obvious. If you are judging something, it can’t change. You are adding to the energy of stuckness every time you judge you, your bank accounts or your choices.

In just about every Access class I’ve ever been to, Gary and Dain have talked about how money follows joy… I’d been trying to be happy without having much money and it wasn’t working so well. From the aha moment where I knew I had to stop making myself wrong, my money flows began to improve! Right… it is always so much easier than we make it!!

Then I started playing with the ‘How to Become Money’ workbook. And there was always this one thing I didn’t get – what is ‘being the energy of money’? At the Sydney Level 2 & 3 there was this great conversation about money and another aha moment arrived… I had been looking for one energy… and the energy of money is different for different amounts and currencies. Money is not just one energy!! Lucky I’m cute!!

When Gary Douglas then showed us the different energies of joy that invite different amounts of money I realised I don’t need to seek money. It’s about seeking the intensity of joy that invites large amounts of money. So much more fun to play with money in this way!

Instead of money being this slightly annoying thing that always needed work, it’s become an adventure in being truly deeply happy! Joy has a sense of space – a sense of ease and peace. When I add these energies to my life, everything expands, including my money flows! How does it get better than this? #SoFreakingHappy!

Whatever you do, don’t get the ‘How To Become Money’ workbook… and don’t do the money classes. You might end up with enough money to truly explode your life into one you actually adore!

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