Miraculous Energetic Facelift

A 45 years old lady came to my clinic suffering from Bell’s palsy syndrome- facial paralysis. She told me that in the previous months she went through several crises in her life and one morning she woke up noticing that one side of her face was twisted.
She could not control the muscles therefore had difficulties talking, eating and drinking properly. She felt that her eyes are totally dry and felt a general weakness.

I run the Energetic face-lift process for about 90 minutes.
I also did some clearings for the relevant topics.
During the session she told me that she felt as if tears are dropped from one eye (the paralyzed side).

Right after the process she said she felt much lighter, as if a big dark cloud was removed from her face and she felt a big relief.

The next morning she texted me saying she could talk easier, she could drink from a glass again and that she felt improvement of 80% of facial muscles’ functioning.

48 hrs later she said it became 90% improvement.

I saw her 3 days later, I almost could not tell she had the facial paralysis.
She gave me the permission to tell about this miracle, actually she urge me to tell it so other people would know it is possible to recover from this problem.

She said that her doctors told her that she’ll have to get used to live with this problem for for few months.

She gave me some videos she took because her family doesn’t live nearby and she wanted to show them her condition in the beginning and the tremendous progress.

When I took the class of Energetic Face-lift I learned that energetic processes can allow the body to heal but to see it happening after only one session, that’s a tremendous miracle.
You can watch the “before and after” video’s. It is amazing!! How did we get so lucky ?

Here is the video – before the session:
Here is the video – After the session:

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