Growing Up and Moving Out

At the age of 27 I was depressed, broke and living at home with my parents. Sure I went to school and went to work, but I was mostly just moving through the motions. I had already been in therapy for 10 years and on and off anti-depressant medications which more than anything just caused annoying side-effects that doctors would treat with other medications.

After an ex-boyfriend pointed out to me that I always came out of therapy cranky and angry, I made a demand: This is where I am, this is where I’d like to be. I know there must be something that’s fun and easy that will get me from here to there with out stirring the shit and dwelling on the past. Two weeks later Access showed up.

The Bars replaced antidepressant medications (without the dependence or side effects). The tools of Access empowered me to realize that the depression was mainly my awareness of other people around me. I was also asked questions about what I would like to create as my life.

A year after being introduced to Access Consciousness, I finally worked up the courage to move out of my parents house. Another year and a half after that, I moved again. This time, across the country to San Francisco, the city I’d dreamed of living in since I was 15 years old.

I’m grateful for Gary Douglas, Dain Heer and the many talented facilitators that have assisted me and empowered me in making my dreams a reality simply by the willingness to ask questions without any judgement or point of view. I continue to ask: What else is possible? And how does it get infinitely better than this?!?

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