Giving Children Choice

There are so many changes that the Access tools have created in every area of my life, and the lives of others that I have facilitated. Parenting my 2 children became so different, so much easier and more fun. They were 3 years and 6 years old at the time I started playing with the tools. Running their bars, giving them choice, empowering them to know… They were almost never sick; as soon as a symptom came up, I would run their bars or another energetic body process and it would subside.

Rather than packing a lunch that would return home uneaten, I had them pack what their body wanted to eat. It was amazing to watch them choose. Since there was no resistance or control from me, they were at total choice, and didn’t stuff in tons of cookies and sugar like most parents would think. They actually listened to their body. I taught them to ask. And one evening, standing in front of the open freezer my daughter asked if she could have ice-cream. I said, “ask your body”. A minute later she said “darn!” and closed the freezer and went to bed.

Now she is 18, away at college, and is clear and confident about her choices. Whether it is about her body, or about which classes to take, or who to hang out with, she trusts herself. She is an amazing gift.

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