From Migraines to Miracles

What if trauma from the past never had to impact you or your body ever again?

I was raped at a very young age, after which I decided it was better to not be seen or heard. I literally stopped speaking for a time and I suppressed the trauma and tried to move forward by staying small and hidden. However, from the age of five, I developed migraines which impacted my life in so many ways.

As I grew older, I began searching for something that would help me change it. I trained as a nurse, so my first efforts were through the medical system which meant carrying around a bag of pills 24/7! Medicating didn’t change the feeling that I was at the mercy of my body and my past, so I kept seeking.

A number of years ago, a group of friends and I got together to assist another friend deal with her grief after the death of her husband. Each month, we would get together and try a new alternative therapy / activity.

One day, I received an email with an invitation to an Access Introduction evening that said, “What would it be like to take change of your life, being free of the limitations of the past, unleash greater freedom, greater consciousness and greater awareness of your talents, abilities and capacities? Imagine…” . We all decided to go, and after that evening, I chose to learn the Bars.

I got my Bars run weekly for the next few months and in that time, the migraines disappeared completely. This was truly a miracle for me. And…it was actually just the beginning! My perspective on my whole life – past, present and future – changed dynamically. I got happier, my relationships became easier and life became full of colour and vibrancy again!

For me, Access is the most effective toolkit for moving beyond past trauma, to fully embrace living, enjoy my body and to create a life and living that keeps getting greater every day.

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