From Limited to Limitless

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of having my own business. Yet I took the “safe “ path out of school and nearly two decades into a “successful” consulting career, I was deeply unhappy. I had ridden the creative wave of the large entrepreneurial company I had been with as long as I could. What’s more, I didn’t want to be a consultant any more. I wanted to become an executive coach where questions would be more important than answers.

I found myself day after day peering longingly into the abyss of possibility, but not taking action. I knew I could start a company, but I was afraid to take the leap. I began to experience migraine headaches for the first time in my life. A naturopath asked me to describe the pressure. I pointed to points on my head and said, “it feels like bars running through my head.” (I now see that my body was aware and beginning to point me towards Access, literally asking for bars).

Fast forward to a visit with my parents later that year where my mother had pulled an article out of her local paper on something called the Bars. “This looks like something that would interest you,” she said. I made the appointment that day that would change my life.

Six months later (after becoming a Bars Facilitator), I took the leap with what I can only describe as “ease, joy and glory”: I resigned from my job, and started a company helping organizations and leaders change with ease. I obtained the executive coaching credentials. I’m in my third year of business and having more fun than I ever thought possible. Every day is a joy and an adventure. I haven’t had a migraine since.

I’m looking forward to becoming an Access Consciousness Facilitator, Being You Facilitator, Joy of Business Facilitator and to learning a lot more about work with bodies. Gratitude unending to Gary, Dain, Blossom and so many others who have brought Access to my life, my business and the world. What Else Is Possible?

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