From Despair to Amazing

I am Jaidev Raja. Hot summer months of 2015, got more heat for my already boiling life. Things were not going as pleasant as I would have wanted. I was experiencing a life full of stress and restlessness. The desperate quest for my two sons and beloved but estranged wife haunted me, with sleepless nights and loneliness. I had already started avoiding friends, relatives and even the close family I was left with. The only conversation I had with people was repeated cribbing and complaining. I only experienced darkness, until my two friends took me to an Access Bars Facilitator, Neerja Poddar.
She never encouraged me to cry my agony. She took permission to hold some points on my head and soles of feet, which I had no issues with ,but surely did not believe the way she was going, would get me relieved from my negative self.
And finally then I saw, what and when had changed me to such a negative human being, who was uncomfortable to live with, to my family, and to my own self.Ma’am, consoled me that if I want to touch the little hands of my sons, I needed to gather myself together.
She suggested I should focus on things, which interested me most, and as short morning runs were soothing me then, I adopted to long distance running. I remember ma’am laughingly telling me, that she will also join my running club. Will share Neerjaji’s prescription, below, word by word. This was month of April 2015.
1 Restoration of Communion with Earth run.
2. What else is possible?
3. How does it get any better than this? ( Some of the tools of Access Consciousness)
Today, I have also been made the face for the Kolkata Marathon, and would be campaigning for it, with Leander Paes. Sky is the limit for me now.

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