Finding Joy & Freedom with Sex!

Me.When I was in my early 20’s I was raped. I was miserable. I drank a lot and had sex that I didn’t really want. After the sexual abuse I was filled with shame, regret, guilt, anger, hurt, wrongness and doubt. I hardly talked about the abuse with anyone, and and I turned myself off until I was numb.

In my late 20’s I met a guy. He told me it wasn’t fun for him to have sex with me, becuase there was an energy of abuse there. I was surprised it was still there, and I started to acknowledge everything that was locked into my body.

I made the demand of myself to let go of all the crap, once and for all. Everything that was stored in the cells of my body. After using the tools and body processes from Access Consciousness, and taking Access classes, it dissipated. I was finally free to discover sex from a place of freedom and choice! I also acknowledged how sexual I truly am. When I no longer cut it off, in an effort to try and protect myself, there is an infinite amount of sexual energy available.

Now I have more freedom with sex and relationships than I ever thought possible. I have gone from totally contracted to a space of possibility and curiousity! I am ever so grateful to Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer, and of course for the tools from Access Consciousness.

Thank you!


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