Ending Postpartum Depression

One Of The Places That I’ve Judged Myself The Most Is As A Mother.

All I could think about once I had a child was getting everything ‘right’. I used to get hysterical when my first born had to drink tap water or eat food that wasn’t organic. I thought I was doing her body permanent damage! When my second child was born via a traumatic cesarean section instead of a the ‘perfect’ home-birth that I had planned, I launched myself into several months of depression that even my go-to tools of yoga and meditation could not bring me out from under. I was unhappy, full of judgment, and sure that I had set my baby up for all sorts of awful things in her life by the birth that I thought I didn’t get right.

I went to an Access Bars class 6 months after my youngest daughter was born. I had no idea what the Bars were, I just saw the head chart of the Bars points and knew that I had to experience it. After getting my bars run for the first time in class, I got up off the massage table and felt the peace, calm, and clarity of what I imagine 10 hours of meditating would create. Except it was so long-lasting and ongoing and deeper than anything I had ever experienced. And it was EASY. I just laid down and received this amazing body process from a stranger in class, someone who had never even given a Bars session.

And what happened after that was a week of total happiness and joy – that I hadn’t experienced since my daughter was born. I was able to look at her and feel a connection and communion that hadn’t been there. Once the judgment and wrongness were gone, a whole new world of possibilities and joy opened up not only with my daughter but with everything. I used to break out in tears or screams of anger when I drove past the hospital where she was born. After having my bars run and using one of the staple tools of Access Consciousness called the clearing statement, (which you can learn more about at, all of the upset and charge around the event were gone. After using the clearing statement about 5 times and getting my bars run once – all of the pain and sadness were gone. It’s not that what had happened in the past was gone; the trauma, drama and depression and emotional burden were gone.

After that week of change, I chose to keep getting my bars run. The changes and happiness in my life kept growing and expanding. Things have gotten greater in every area of my life from business, to relationship, to money flows to my body. I am so grateful for the simple tools of Bars and Access Consciousness that have changed more than I could have possibly imagined from where I was once living stuck with sadness. Thank you.

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