Emerging from behind the mask

The master of wearing a mask. Life and soul of the party and always the joker, I would be the first person to criticise myself with a dumb blonde or fat girl joke before others got a chance to do it for me. This was my version of protecting myself but behind the mask I was slowly dying, no one knew the real me or how deeply sad I was.

Morbidly obese for as long as I could recall, at one point I weighed 23.5 stones.
I developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Over the years my medication increased until the doctors wanted to put me onto insulin injections.

Hearing about Access Consciousness was like a light bulb going on in my head.

Fast forwards 15 months. I am now an Access Bars Facilitator and working towards becoming a Certified Facilitator. My life is unrecognizable. I no longer require any medication for diabetes, depression, blood pressure or cholesterol. I have begun to shed my excess weight and have removed 3.5 stones so far.

The person who hid behind the mask is emerging, like a butterfly from a cocoon I am opening up to the true beauty that lay hidden and suffocated for 45 years.

The doorway to possibilities was opened for me when I went to my first Access Bars class and now I am choosing to live life and I am able to be who I truly be.

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