Creating Change in ITALY!!

So the first night I am away from the Italian family who have been hosting me, the father is admitted to hospital very late at night… And a second time in the morning…

He was having trouble breathing and major anxiety and fear…

On my return to dine with them the next afternoon I go see him in his room – the fear was still visible on his face from the evening and morning events. So I chose to be bold and chatted to him about it and asked if I can place my hands on his feet. He says ‘Si Si tocca’ (Yes yes go ahead and touch me – note we are talking about a 75 year old fairly closed minded man…)

Sitting there for over half an hour or more I run some of the Access Consciousness Body Processes – I get goose bumps as I write this. He patiently waits and visibly I see he is relaxing and the fear lessening.

He then says he has a headache – so I go to his head and start to run the Access Bars process on him – he relaxes even more and asks me what I am doing… I just say it’s a kind of relaxation technique (and he says yes it sure is as I am almost sleeping!!).

I then run a process on the thyroid area to get the thyroid functioning better to boost immunity. He relaxes so deeply his hands and arms drop and his breathing deepens…I then facilitate him in English which still works the same (maybe even better) to shift some points of view about what has occurred for him.

I ask him how he is. Much much better thank you. And he thanks me – not just once but at least twice.

An hour later he gets in his car and drives to see a friend (truly before that he was in so much fear he thought he was going to die!!).

Later that evening he joins us at the dinner table – I ask him how he is and he says much better – and SMILES…!! (Note this has not been a usual up until now…)

And he actually giggles when I touch his back and say I am happy for him!! And I jokingly say Wow so now you are laughing?

This is the magic of the Access tools…

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