Chronic Fatigue/ME be Gone! :-)

In 2011 I was on disability with CFS/ME and had tried regular medicine, Functional Medicine and everything else I could find. I couldn’t do anything without feeling completely heavy and drained, if I went out of did anything strenuous it would take me days to recover just a little bit of energy. When I found Access I took the first Bars class I could and had a more energy that day than I had in years. I chose to take the Foundation class the following weekend and yet again I experienced energy. I was trading Bars 2-3 times a weeks at that point, taking all the Access classes and Access Body classes I could find and become a Bars Facilitator right away. I noticed after each class I was not “crashing” as much and I would have energy for longer and longer periods. Within 6 months of my first Access class, and going “all-in” taking all the classes I could, including a 3-Day Body Class and trading Bars 2-3 times a week I was no longer crashing and had my life back. I have never looked back! ­čÖé I am so very & truly grateful for the tools of Access that gave me my life back…even better than it was!

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