Choice Choice Baby!

Have you had one heck of a time choosing? Or have you ever been around people who refuse to make a choice? even a simple choice like… “Hey, what restaurant shall we go to tonight?”

I mean, how is it that some people just choose and go on their merry way while others practically pickle themselves in the brine of their indecision?

For me, one of the greatest freedoms came from an Access Consciousness tool I received about choosing my life in 10 second increments. Oh – and being willing to fail.

Yes, there are several other wonderfully pragmatic tools I can add to that cocktail of possibilities, but that choosing and choosing and choosing and if I fail, choosing to get up, wipe off the dirt, and choose yet again. Over and over.

Even if I fail, I’ve learned something that doesn’t work for me and I can change and choose. I’m not stuck in any one choice.

That’s what takes me out of the pickling juice and into possibilities.

That’s what takes me out of feeling sorry for myself, and looping old stories in my head and into creating something new. It’s just a choice.

Before exploring and experimenting with the tools of Access Consciousness, I tried to get everything right and to please everybody else. How much room was there for me?

That’s right…. Not much.

I was so busy trying to make my life so right, that I locked ourself right out of it. The key is that there is no wrong or right when it comes to a choice. You just choose and receive an awareness – energetic and often not something that you can cognitively explain. When we follow that energetic lightness, we follow what is creating more.

A few years ago, I could never imagine myself traveling and having classes all around the world, speaking to people, facilitating and showing up.

My life is so very different, and is continuing to unfurl and expand as I choose.

I wonder what it would be like if you’d acknowledge what you’ve chosen?

And if you’d celebrate whatever it is and choose again?

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