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Age is just a number.

Three weeks ago I had a 76year old man as a client. He’d saved up for this Bars session and wanted change in his life. He lived in sheltered housing, no phone, car, computer or family yet he phoned me today… jubilant. ‘Those few words’ he said ‘Have changed my life, What do I do next? […]

Reborn as a baby every morning :)

My name is Burcu, I am living in Istanbul Turkey, My husband and I have a daughter and a son. She is 25 and he is 9. About a year ago my husband and I took our first Bars Class with our son. Before, it was very hard for me to accept myself and everything. […]

Unhappiness Un-created!

When I took my first Bars class, I was in a pickle! I had worked hard and built a healing practice that I loved. I had gotten my son through his childhood and into adulthood. Basically my life was pretty joyous, except for one arena. I was miserable in my marriage. My husband was prominent […]

Growing Up and Moving Out

At the age of 27 I was depressed, broke and living at home with my parents. Sure I went to school and went to work, but I was mostly just moving through the motions. I had already been in therapy for 10 years and on and off anti-depressant medications which more than anything just caused […]

L’univers du libre arbitre

Si vous êtes comme moi, vous avez certainement lu des livres et participé a des séminaires qui prônaient le libre arbitre. Et jusqu’à ce que je découvre les outils d’Access Consciousness, c’était une belle théorie que je ne savais pas comment appliquer. J’étais tellement engoncée dans mes croyances, mes décisions, ce que je croyais être […]

Choice Choice Baby!

Have you had one heck of a time choosing? Or have you ever been around people who refuse to make a choice? even a simple choice like… “Hey, what restaurant shall we go to tonight?” I mean, how is it that some people just choose and go on their merry way while others practically pickle […]