3 Year child hair-line Fracture Improved with Access Bars

I was Amazed and surprised, wanted to share with all.

One Day I Got a call that this 3 year child got hair line Fracture in the brain, near to ear, which doctor said to parents, this cannot be recovered, or we cannot do plaster for the same and she need a complete rest and they did not even had given any medicine for treatment or recovery, and said show me after one week.

So parents called me, and I have given the session of Access Bars for the Child for one week… for 15 minutes every day… then the time for result after one week…

It was a miracle ……. this fracture have recovered, and doctor said this is improved now!

I’ll Say Big Thanks to Gary, who is a founder of Access Bars and Consciousness … and this is the real gift for me and for child, given a new life to child, ……. how does it get better than this and what else is possible?

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