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3 Year child hair-line Fracture Improved with Access Bars

I was Amazed and surprised, wanted to share with all. One Day I Got a call that this 3 year child got hair line Fracture in the brain, near to ear, which doctor said to parents, this cannot be recovered, or we cannot do plaster for the same and she need a complete rest and […]

Age is just a number.

Three weeks ago I had a 76year old man as a client. He’d saved up for this Bars session and wanted change in his life. He lived in sheltered housing, no phone, car, computer or family yet he phoned me today… jubilant. ‘Those few words’ he said ‘Have changed my life, What do I do next? […]

Emerging from behind the mask

The master of wearing a mask. Life and soul of the party and always the joker, I would be the first person to criticise myself with a dumb blonde or fat girl joke before others got a chance to do it for me. This was my version of protecting myself but behind the mask I […]


Indtil oktober 2016 har min søn Tobias på 16 år levet med to jernstænger opereret ind i ryggen pga. misdannelser og alvorlige skævheder på rygsøjlen. I maj måned forrige år fik han opereret to nye jernstænger ind i ryggen, som han skulle have i resten af livet. Desværre viste det sig, at der havde været […]

Overcoming the Effects of Chemical Sensitivity

Have you ever been told that the health condition you are living with is something that you cannot change? This video interview with Bret Rushia is about how he overcame the crippling effects of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) with the tools of Access Consciousness and how they can be applied to many other maladies. We are […]

From Limited to Limitless

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of having my own business. Yet I took the “safe “ path out of school and nearly two decades into a “successful” consulting career, I was deeply unhappy. I had ridden the creative wave of the large entrepreneurial company I had been with as long as I […]

From Despair to Amazing

I am Jaidev Raja. Hot summer months of 2015, got more heat for my already boiling life. Things were not going as pleasant as I would have wanted. I was experiencing a life full of stress and restlessness. The desperate quest for my two sons and beloved but estranged wife haunted me, with sleepless nights […]

Miraculous Energetic Facelift

A 45 years old lady came to my clinic suffering from Bell’s palsy syndrome- facial paralysis. She told me that in the previous months she went through several crises in her life and one morning she woke up noticing that one side of her face was twisted. She could not control the muscles therefore had […]

Chronic Fatigue/ME be Gone! :-)

In 2011 I was on disability with CFS/ME and had tried regular medicine, Functional Medicine and everything else I could find. I couldn’t do anything without feeling completely heavy and drained, if I went out of did anything strenuous it would take me days to recover just a little bit of energy. When I found […]

Giving Children Choice

There are so many changes that the Access tools have created in every area of my life, and the lives of others that I have facilitated. Parenting my 2 children became so different, so much easier and more fun. They were 3 years and 6 years old at the time I started playing with the […]

Reborn as a baby every morning :)

My name is Burcu, I am living in Istanbul Turkey, My husband and I have a daughter and a son. She is 25 and he is 9. About a year ago my husband and I took our first Bars Class with our son. Before, it was very hard for me to accept myself and everything. […]

Minor Change? Major Ease!

I expected to have major light bulb moment changes. I just did not see a distinctive change so I took stock. Does Access work? Has there been any change since I started access and if so where? Life just seems to be continuing. YES,YES, YES. It has definitely changed. Firstly I am soooo much happier, […]

Unhappiness Un-created!

When I took my first Bars class, I was in a pickle! I had worked hard and built a healing practice that I loved. I had gotten my son through his childhood and into adulthood. Basically my life was pretty joyous, except for one arena. I was miserable in my marriage. My husband was prominent […]

Money Loves Joy, Not Judgement!

A few years ago, one ‘stupid’ choice created the loss of my house and a whole lot of debt. I made myself so so so wrong and while I was doing that, my money flows went nowhere except backwards. At a Level 2 & 3 class I had a blinding flash of the obvious. If […]

Your Capacity to Change the World & Access Bars

Guest Blog Post by Christel Crawford, Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator When last I left Goderich, I was hauling a sectional couch & a beautiful road bike behind me. My husband and I had split, and for what we had decided he owed me, we had settled on the couch and bike. It had been an […]

Creating Change in ITALY!!

So the first night I am away from the Italian family who have been hosting me, the father is admitted to hospital very late at night… And a second time in the morning… He was having trouble breathing and major anxiety and fear… On my return to dine with them the next afternoon I go […]


I have been applying access tools for my business. Just for the joy of it and so many possibilities are showing up as if by magic and even more than I could imagine. Before Access Consciousness I had a weird point of view about how business should be and how “difficult” it is to do […]

A diffrent way to heal PTSD

Not so long ago, there was a post on the Access Consciousness Blog that contained a video of one brave former soldier in Israel sharing how the “gentle, balancing, and profound” technique of Access Bars helped him to regain control of his life. It’s a moving story of dynamic change that I can’t imagine not sharing […]

Growing Up and Moving Out

At the age of 27 I was depressed, broke and living at home with my parents. Sure I went to school and went to work, but I was mostly just moving through the motions. I had already been in therapy for 10 years and on and off anti-depressant medications which more than anything just caused […]

L’univers du libre arbitre

Si vous êtes comme moi, vous avez certainement lu des livres et participé a des séminaires qui prônaient le libre arbitre. Et jusqu’à ce que je découvre les outils d’Access Consciousness, c’était une belle théorie que je ne savais pas comment appliquer. J’étais tellement engoncée dans mes croyances, mes décisions, ce que je croyais être […]

Finding Joy & Freedom with Sex!

When I was in my early 20’s I was raped. I was miserable. I drank a lot and had sex that I didn’t really want. After the sexual abuse I was filled with shame, regret, guilt, anger, hurt, wrongness and doubt. I hardly talked about the abuse with anyone, and and I turned myself off […]

Ending Postpartum Depression

One Of The Places That I’ve Judged Myself The Most Is As A Mother. All I could think about once I had a child was getting everything ‘right’. I used to get hysterical when my first born had to drink tap water or eat food that wasn’t organic. I thought I was doing her body […]

Choice Choice Baby!

Have you had one heck of a time choosing? Or have you ever been around people who refuse to make a choice? even a simple choice like… “Hey, what restaurant shall we go to tonight?” I mean, how is it that some people just choose and go on their merry way while others practically pickle […]

Skin Sensitivities Gone!

I have always had extremely sensitive skin. I had my ears pierced when I was 15 and was never really able to wear earrings because my skin was allergic to metal. Over the years I would try to put earrings in my ears and they would instantly turn bright red and burn and itch no […]

Katzenallergie bye bye

Bei meinem ersten Bars-Kurs im Februar 2015 kam ich in ein Haus, in dem Katzen auch zu Hause waren. Obwohl sie für diesen Tag nicht in die Räume kommen durften, waren dennoch die Energie und die Haare da. Nach zwei Stunden fingen die Symptome mit Atemschwierigkeiten und Nießen an. Da erinnerte ich mich, dass es […]

Reprieve from Chemo

My whole life has changed since I started running bars! It was huge contribution when my parents had cancer…I ran my Mom’s bars when she was depressed from the chemo and late run the day she had totally changed!  From not wanting to leave the house to getting dressed up and going out to have […]

From Burnout to Bliss

Access Brought Joy and Possibility Back to My Life

My name is Bill Argent and I am a Bars Facilitator. I could go on forever about how Access has brought the joy and possibility back to my life and living but I will try to keep it short. My first Bars class was almost 3 years ago. Before Access I had not tried any […]

One Bars Session Shifted So Much for Me

I was really quite ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME when I discovered Access Bars and I had been taking tons of medication and supplements and struggling to manage. I had to give up my business, stop working altogether, some days I could hardly get dressed and drive my daughter to school. I couldn’t […]

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